Before you start java programming

There are some prerequisites to start java programming. Make sure have these following things.

  1. Software to write JAVA program
  2. Java runtime 1.5 or above

For the first one I would recommend Dr.Java as I am much familiar  with it because it’s used in my University. You can find out Dr.Java in . You cannot run Dr.Java if you do not have java runtime 1.5 or above installed in you machine. To install java in your computer follow the next step.

For the second one go here. then, click download beside  JDK 6 Update 24 with Java EE. on the next page select your desktop platform. Make sure you select x86 if you have a 32-bit operating system. after selecting you will be redirected to the download site. There you click download beneath Java EE 6 SDK Update 2 (with JDK 6 U24) your download will start shortly. Install JDK 6 and then you will be able to start your programing.

Happy Programming… 🙂

My road to JAVA

Welcome to the world of java! These were the first words that I felt from heart before starting to learn JAVA language. The word ‘world’ is not enough to describe the range of JAVA language because the use of this language is so widespread that where ever you put your ‘eye’ you will see JAVA. Mobiles, computers, calculators, networking system, websites and many more devices and systems have the capability to run java.



Hello world! This is Anik. I am a student of BRAC University (BRACU) in Electronics and electrical dept. This is a blog of mine. Here I will be sharing what I learn in my class and through my own effort. I will not write here to teach people but to justify and share what I have learnt.

So, first of all I want to add something about me…I have previously mentioned that I am an engineering student. I have completed my H.S.C (higher secondary certificate) from Notre Dame College, Dhaka (NDC) a reputed college of my country. I completed my S.S.C (Secondary school certificate) from Narayanganj Ideal School. In both of my exams I obtained GPA-5 in the scale of 5.

I will keep posting further…keep in touch…:-)

Hope for your good day