Let’s do some flowchart

Flowchart is the first step towards any programming language. Before starting to learn any programming language you have to make sure that you are capable to verify the logic of whatever you do in your day to day life. Flowchart builds up that ability to make your logics stronger because in every flowchart you have to do every task separately. If you can learn flow charts carefully it can be ensured that you will be able to learn JAVA or any other language faster. (more…)

My road to JAVA

Welcome to the world of java! These were the first words that I felt from heart before starting to learn JAVA language. The word ‘world’ is not enough to describe the range of JAVA language because the use of this language is so widespread that where ever you put your ‘eye’ you will see JAVA. Mobiles, computers, calculators, networking system, websites and many more devices and systems have the capability to run java.


My second debate script

Subject: Only ban on industrialization can save the world from the adverse effects of climate change. (Pros)

In my speech I shall give emphasize on two things one thing is industrialization other thing is climate change.

So what is industrialization? In general, Industrialization means setting up new industries or expansion of the previously established industries. In which process a primitive agrarian society turns into an industrial one is called industrialization. On the other hand, when an industrialized society extends its industries is also known as industrialization.

What is climate change? According Wikipedia, Climate change is a long-term change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods of time that range from decades to millions of years. According to our experience and the statistics we now know that we are going through a severe and fast climate change all over the world. This is just because of industrialization. So now the question is how industrialization influences climate change?



Hello world! This is Anik. I am a student of BRAC University (BRACU) in Electronics and electrical dept. This is a blog of mine. Here I will be sharing what I learn in my class and through my own effort. I will not write here to teach people but to justify and share what I have learnt.

So, first of all I want to add something about me…I have previously mentioned that I am an engineering student. I have completed my H.S.C (higher secondary certificate) from Notre Dame College, Dhaka (NDC) a reputed college of my country. I completed my S.S.C (Secondary school certificate) from Narayanganj Ideal School. In both of my exams I obtained GPA-5 in the scale of 5.

I will keep posting further…keep in touch…:-)

Hope for your good day