Back with C++

Hello guys, it’s been long since I have last written on my blog. This happened due to several changes in my life. First of all, I have already moved from my country to India for study purpose. Moreover, copping up with the environment around me was really a big deal…

Good news is now I am totally familiar with this place. So, now I hope there will be no further problem in connecting to you through my blog :). However, extreme pressure of study might create some delay, I will try my best to post regularly.

Now here in my second semester I have been learning C++ as a course subject. So, this time I will be writing on C++ mainly. I will try to share what I learn.

Err to man. So, I seek advance apologies if I make any mistake in my writing. In case of any doubt, I will try to response as early as possible…

Another thing I want to add that, I am glad to announce that my next project after C++ will be Python programming language. Moreover, hopefully I will also be posting on Android tutorials as well.

Till then, Good bye… 🙂

Happy coding