A little about array in Java

I have seen many of my friends to have trouble with the problems in array. So, this time I have selected to write with array…don’t know how much effective it would be to you guys…

First of all, what is array? Normally we can say that array is a static memory allocation. For example we can think an array as a number of conjoined boxes where we can store our desired values of same data type. Now the question may arise that we can use normal variables to store data, why use array? The answer is we should use array because it saves our time and minimizes the memory usage of the machine. For example: suppose that you have to store marks of 5000 students of your university. Now if you want to store those marks using normal variables firstly you have to select 5000 variables (which would be horrible!). Then, you will need to declare each variable (int a, b, c…up to 5000 variables). Than you have to initialize each variable too, haven’t you? In this case if you use array your task will become easier. All you have to do is, firstly you have to declare an array. Secondly, you have to initialize that the array will be consist of 5000 indexes it means the array will consist of 5000 conjoined boxes where the marks will be stored.