My second debate script

Subject: Only ban on industrialization can save the world from the adverse effects of climate change. (Pros)

In my speech I shall give emphasize on two things one thing is industrialization other thing is climate change.

So what is industrialization? In general, Industrialization means setting up new industries or expansion of the previously established industries. In which process a primitive agrarian society turns into an industrial one is called industrialization. On the other hand, when an industrialized society extends its industries is also known as industrialization.

What is climate change? According Wikipedia, Climate change is a long-term change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods of time that range from decades to millions of years. According to our experience and the statistics we now know that we are going through a severe and fast climate change all over the world. This is just because of industrialization. So now the question is how industrialization influences climate change?

The idea of industrialization was introduced to serve the mankind, feed the over growing population. But in this 21st century it has become the curse to the mankind, because we only exposed newer and newer ideas of industries rather than controlling our population. If we had given much thought in controlling the population our climate might not have changed so severely.

Now the bad effects of industrialization:

  • Effect on agriculture
  • Effect on environment
    • Water pollution
    • Green house effect
    • Deforestation
    • Natural resources
    • Effect on wildlife

Industries have a very bad effect on our agriculture. First of all cultivable lands are decreasing day by day because more and more industries are growing up in those cultivable lands. Next, farmers are moving to town for earning more as the cost of living increased because of industrialization. Again industrial garbage made of polythene and plastic don’t mix with soil and thus decreases the fertility of soil which results in low production. If we can put ban on further industrialization we still will be able to put an end to this climate change.

Our elements of environment are also being polluted because of industrialization. These pollutions are one of the major causes behind the climate change. First of all, water in getting polluted because liquid garbage of our industries is directly mixing with our surface water. As a result various species that live in the surface water are faced with their extinction. Secondly, many people had set up their industries beside the river which is causing our river to dry up day by day.

Our air is also getting polluted day by day for industrialization. Gases that emit from industries pollute our air. These gases also creates various types of diseases like asthma, lunges cancer etc. on the other hand, due to deforestation the level of o2 is decreasing in our environment. So, why deforestation occurs? People are cutting down trees for the supply of raw materials in the industrial sector. So, if we don’t ban further industrialization we will lead our future generation towards great danger.

Industries are seen to have very bad effects on our natural resources. In past few decades industries have used our natural resources like: natural gas, petroleum oil, coal, ground water etc so recklessly that now those resources are on the way to end.  For example I want to talk about natural gas. After the liberation war it was declared that Bangladesh was floating on gas. But after 40 years now in 2011 we are crying for gas. In past days, we used natural gas in most of our industries as a source of energy to minimize the cost but for reducing our cost we are in the way to lose our most valuable natural resource. Again, fresh water which is another name of life is becoming unavailable day by day. Unrestricted use of underground water by industries like: dying, tanneries etc has been extending this problem day by.

These industries also have a very bad impact on our wildlife. We are cutting down trees for our industries as a result the total area of forest is decreasing day by day. If we look at the statistics our total area of forest has dropped to a percentage of 8 from 25 in past 10 years. Due to this reason various species of birds, fishes have disappeared as they lost their shelter. Numbers of tigers are also decreasing day by day.

Green house effect plays a vital role in raising the world temperature. We know that CO2 is one of the green house gases that hinder the world surface to reflect heat which causes raise in temperature. This toxic gas is largely produced in the industrial sector and this gas directly mixes with our environment. So from here we can also see that industries also have a great impact in increasing green house effect.

If we pay much heed in controlling our population we can still stop this climate change. The more the population will grow, the more need will increase. If we can stabilize our overgrowing population there will be no need to set up further industries. If we keep setting up more industries at the end of the day we will have to say like Michel Jackson, “What have we done to the world?!”